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Yes, this page is rough, colorless and everything. I don't have time for the fancy stuff, this is all about content.

Update 28/Dec/1999: Living in interesting times. Yesterday evening, me and several others received an e-mail from a california law firm. Personally, I think of it as harrassment, and threat. Aside from the fact that what they want to show the court is simply factually wrong in several places.
A copy of the conversation and any other relevant details can be found on it's own page, here. It'll be updated as I get more info.
I am also putting up a site for those hit by this obvious attempt of the DVD consortium to get what they want by threat. Please visit the DeCSS Defense Site if you are a victim or if you are in a position to supply us with any help (legal council, financil resources, media attention or anything else). Several of us plan to not yield to pressure and instead let them find out in court just how weak their case actually is. We are, however, lacking the resources to go up against someone as big as the DVD consortium with the MPAA behind it.
"Freedom of the press is limited to those who own one." - A.J. Liebling
"Justice in court is limited to those who own one." - me. Maybe a bit heavy, but not too far off. In the world we live in today, if you don't have the resources, your rights can be easily stripped from you.

Update 30/Dec/1999: The temporary restraint order (TRO) has been declined in the santa clara court earlier today (which was still the 29th in california).
Freedom 1, protectionism 0.

you can download the following files from here:

DeCSSplus_v1.0.zip - DeCSS plus v.1.0
decss121b.zip - DeCSS v1.21b (Windows)
DeCSS.zip - DeCSS (Windows)
css-auth.tar.gz - CSS authentication source
nist-0.6.tgz - beginnings of a Linux DVD player

MD5 Sums:

50c7e923b17a27265227d4931cfa631e  DeCSSplus_v1.0.zip
9d0d8a71aa3b146d70b6f923da693d19  decss121b.zip
d0aff684327a5c7bf110951e42ec3cae  DeCSS.zip
8653090161e8f287d365132acb098581  css-auth.tar.gz

95965e75cffb22acda0f50a442afae4e  nist-0.6.tgz

The List of Mirrors has been moved to it's own page.

There is also a very good list of mirrors in the "legal notice" I received. I've cut it out here, but I've not bothered to convert it to HTML. Update: Someone else has, so you can have an HTML version, including hyperlinks, here. Update2: Some parties report that this copy crashes Netscape. I couldn't verify, but just in case, here's a reformated version from cryptome.org that doesn't.

The following site contains some good technical documentation as well as more source code that the DVD consortium's lawyers would rather you not see:
Local Mirror: /DeCSS/crypto.gq.nu

You can contact me at tom@lemuria.org if you have any questions regarding mirroring, or want your mirror added here.